How to install MT4 custom indicators Windows PC

This question bothers a lot of novice traders, so, I will try to explain it as short as possible and straight to the point. So, you just downloaded a custom indicator to your desktop and now want to add it to the MT4. Let’s do it in 3 easy steps:

  • On a Windows PC, open File Explorer. Make sure the drop-down menu is visible, then click “View” and tick the “Hidden Items” box. Then click the PC folder.

  • Find the “Users” folder, click it. Select the folder with the PC’s user’s name. Now there’s a new folder in faded yellow, the “AppData” folder. Click to open it. Then click the “Roaming” folder. Scroll down to the “MetaQuotes” folder and click it. Then click the “Terminal” folder. Select your broker’s folder (a long string of numbers and letters) and click it. Then click the “MQL4” folder and finally the “Indicators” folder.

  • Now, drag and drop the custom indicator from the desktop to the folder. That’s it. Restart the MT4 platform, and find the new indicator on the left panel. Double-click it to add to a chart.

Hope this helps, any comments or suggestions are welcome 😊