8Cap Trading Contest - Gold Diggers Challenge

Hello and welcome to the 8Cap Trading Contest - The Gold Diggers Challenge.

8 Cash Prizes -Trade Demo, Win a Real Prize :fire:

Total prize pool: $1,400 - Total prizes: 8
Before joining the 8Cap Trading Contest, please read the contest rules .

:man_office_worker: Contest broker : Eightcap
:desktop_computer: MT5 Contest server : Eightcap-Demo
:dollar: Starting equity : $1,000
:stopwatch: Contest starts : Aug 28th - Ends : Sep 1st
:date: Contest duration : 1 week
:chart_with_upwards_trend: Maximum trades : 25
:robot: EA trading : EAs NOT Allowed
:balance_scale: Maximum leverage : 100:1
:bar_chart: Peak to valley max DD : 30%
:dart: Instruments : XAU/USD ONLY - trades on other symbols (BTC/USD, EUR/USD, US30, XTI/USD, etc), will not count toward your performance.
:moneybag: Cash prizes : 8 : $400 - $300 - $200 - $100x5

Please visit our FAQs page to find the answers to:

:point_right:t2: JOIN NOW!!! :point_left:t2:

Please feel free to post issues, concerns, likes, or just chat with other participants.
If you have any issues with registration, please chat with our “24/5 Live Chat ” customer support team.

Thank you and good luck :fire: :rocket:


Dear traders, please remember that this demo contest will be held with demo accounts on the 8Cap MetaTrader 5 demo server, not the usual MT4 servers.

So, make sure to download/install the correct server to your desktops.
If using mobile devices, open MT5 App, add new account, select broker Eightcap, then EightCap-Demo server and enter demo contest credentials (password SHOWS ONLY when contest starts).

Good luck and happy trading. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


facing error

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Hi there @fakhrealam09876, welcome to our forum! :wave:

Thx for reporting it - our IT guys are fixing the glitch, so, please try again later.
Good luck for the contest. :rocket:

Time to win my first contest :muscle::muscle:


Hi there @hillaryzulu2 :wave: and welcome to our forum!

That’s the spirit! May the best GOLD DIGGER win this special contest!
Lesgo :rocket: :rocket:

my account the same problem

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i am not able to register
Screenshot 2023-08-28 184231

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Sir how many time to solve this problem
Failed to creat a demo account please try again later

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Problem solve thanks sir


Can you guide me if i hit 10% draw down and i regain then i hitt 10% draw down then i gain then hitt 10% draw down it will calculate 30% or i just hitt 10% draw down plz guide

Failed creat demo account sir please set this priblem i try again and again many peoples make 2000$ but i still trying to join contest

Sir my account cannot creat can you check please

Hello traders :wave:

For those having issues with “fail to create demo account”, please try to verify your phone number with a VPN.

Simply use a VPN with an European country, for example, login to CBFX, and then go to the contest page > click “Join Now” > get verification code.
That should work :pray:

If not, contact our CS guys for more help here

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Hi there @fakhrealam09876 :wave: and welcome to our forum.

To understand how the DD rules works, please read this small article.
Good luck and happy trading. :pray:

the registration is about to be finished iam still have the same problem

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Phone verification always EROR

Dear traders -
We have reported this glitch to our sponsor broker and an investigation in underway to detect the cause.
Our IT team and the 8Cap IT team are looking into it and trying to fix it as quickly as possible.

We’ll update you guys when we have more info.
Thanks for your patience :pray: